Why Partnering with a Black-Owned Printing Company is a Smart Move

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Over the course of 2020, American society began to acknowledge disparities throughout our civil and business environments.  The phrase “Black Lives Matter” evolved from a statement to a movement and into the recognized discourse of our American thought and values.

And if Black Lives Matter, Black Business Matter too.

Black-owned businesses are critical to improving life for Black America. In fact, Black-owned businesses are critical for improving life for the entire country as it is today.

To be clear, Black-owned businesses are not looking for hand-outs.  Rather, we are looking for a playing field that acknowledges our importance to the American fabric of life. We are looking for a playing field that provides an honest opportunity to compete, contribute to our economy, and grow jobs, particularly in the black community.

Large American businesses have assessed the need and their ability to create a positive social impact in addition to maximizing “value”.  They have acknowledged the need to consider all stakeholders, not simply all shareholders. “For the good of the whole” has become a consideration flowing from the C-suite down.

As a result, businesses have begun making commitments to increase supplier diversity, especially with Black-owned suppliers. They have hired Chief Diversity Officers within their organizations to help ensure their values are implemented with meaningful actions, not just words of affirmation.

True business leaders, and the companies they run, know that choosing to do business with a Black-owned company doesn’t mean compromising quality or increasing costs. That is a false narrative.  Rather, doing business with a Black-owned company means at least maintaining, if not improving, quality and costs while creating  a positive societal impact.

Benefits of Choosing a Black-Owned Printer as Your Communications Partner

In fact, there are many advantages to doing business with a Black-owned company. These advantages include uplifting communities through job creation, generating positive word-of-mouth and brand affinity, and bringing diverse thought and experience to the table to address the business needs at hand.

If your company is looking for a way to support inclusivity and get the benefits of diversifying your supplier base, look at your printing needs. Everyone prints something – business cards, marketing brochures, direct mail, displays, wall graphics, vehicle wraps – the list is long. If it has your brand, and it isn’t on a screen, it was printed.

Diversity Press is a Black-Owned, MBE certified printing company and we have all the resources and services your company needs. For instance, at Diversity Press we have multiple 40” printing presses.  Few printing companies have multiple 40” presses, and there are less than 10 black-owned printing companies in America with a 40” press.  We also have graphic design, direct mail, and we perform fulfillment services, too.

Allowing Diversity Press to serve your company provides the quality and service you deserve, with all the added benefits of working with a Black-owned company, including:

  • Customers aligning shared values with their spending habits. People want to do business with companies that support black-owned businesses.
  • A broader range of thinking and innovative solutions by incorporating people outside your regular group of suppliers
  • Actually increasing the quality of products and services being provided. Innovation drives efficiencies, as does appreciation for hard-fought opportunities.
  • Creating positive social change that strengthens not only the Black community, but also the entire social fabric of the United States of America

If you are looking for a way to make our country a better place and get a team of innovative thinkers to help you with your printing needs, Diversity Press, a Black-owned MBE certified printing company, is an easy choice to make.

Call us today to make a lasting impact on your business and our society.

Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

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Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

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