Tradeshow Booth Refresh

Tradeshow Booth Refresh

For clients, tradeshows are often about visiting as many booths as possible in a short time; for companies, it’s all about capturing attention and standing out from the crowd. However, even the most energetic attendees will appreciate a place to take a break for a few minutes. By creating a “lounge in our booth” vibe, your brand can attract more attendees and keep them in your booth longer.

Here’s What to Do:


To create a comfy, chill, and welcoming vibe, you’ll first want to make sure that the overall structure of your booth is conducive to creating that mood. You’ll need a booth that’s at least 10 feet by 20 feet in order to really achieve the effect without sacrificing other elements. This size should allow your booth to have enough room to move around, welcome short-term visitors, and still have room for longer-term visitors to sit back, relax, and have a conversation.



Next, consider what other key elements you’ll need in your booth. A power station is a must – people are more likely to sit down and lounge for a while if they have the chance to charge their devices while they’re there. The other must-have element? Small but comfortable chairs that fit in the space without overcrowding, provide a comfy, inviting place for people to get off their feet and have conversations. Add a few disposable tables (printed with your branded graphics) where they fit in your booth’s layout, so people can set down their items.



Your setup goes beyond the items and furnishing you put in your booth. When people are trying to lounge, decompress, and re-energize, they won’t want to deal with distracting visuals. As you arrange the seating in your booth, consider what people will be looking at when they sit in those chairs. Are they facing a loud, busy booth across the aisle or a plain wall? Is there a way to set it up so that they face something in your booth that you want them to notice, or even a “calming” printed backdrop that will take them out of the tradeshow hustle and bustle?



Let’s be honest: people will congregate when snacks are involved. What could be more in line with a relaxed, lounge vibe than a booth providing snacks, water, and/or coffee? Stock up on items that are easy to handle, and be sure to have a couple of different options to provide for potential food sensitivities or preferences. Make it a space where everyone can take a break, and people will remember your brand in a positive way.

PLANNING A TRADESHOW BOOTH REFRESH? The Priority Group team can help! We can assist with graphics and design, print and fabrication, and can store your booth in our warehouse between shows. Talk to your account executive to learn more.

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