The Great Return Begins

Two years after we all went remote as the pandemic exploded, companies are finally starting to wind down and make plans for returning employees to the office. Major companies like Netflix and Goldman Sachs have prioritized a mostly in-person return, while other big names like Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney, and Microsoft have encouraged more of a hybrid model moving forward. 


If this return to office is in your plans, here are five ways the Priority Group can help make the transition smooth and successful! 


  • Freshen the Office Environment 


Priority can support a refresh of your office to welcome employees back to their shared working space. Create an eye-catching display for employees to see, or craft welcome banners and standees for an upbeat environment. Print is a powerful tool in setting the tone for a physical space, and Priority’s team of experts can help you find just the right selections. 


Updating the office environment isn’t just about style. Environmental graphics around the workplace are can promote positive messages, emphasize the teamwork and collaboration that happens in these spaces, and contribute to an environment that encourages employees to do their best work. Employees are less likely to be spending as much time in the office, even once the official return happens. In one Gartner survey from 2021, 60% of employees said that they would prefer a hybrid model permanently (compared to 24% who would like fully remote work and 17% who would like fully in-office work).1 


With employees potentially spending less time in physical offices than before, it’s more important than ever to consider what they’ll see while they’re there. Priority can help design the right environment to convey what your brand cares most about. 


  • Announce Your Presence with a Building Wrap 

Want to immediately make a big splash within your community? Priority can help you with a building wrap to make your physical office stand out to anyone within view. These oversized banners make a huge impact, can be temporary or permanent, and can cover all or a portion of the outside of a building.  


A building wrap not only gets your brand out there, but can be used either as long-term advertising or a shorter-term promotion. Consider a wrap to promote a special event, such as an anniversary, a milestone, or just a “We’re Back!” message. These wraps can announce big news to your community, or use your physical building as a base to create an eye-popping, attention-grabbing visual experience. 


The Priority Group can help you design, print, fabricate, and install your wrap, all while ensuring that necessary administrative tasks and permits are taken care of. 


  • Freshen Up Your Tradeshow Displays 

Tradeshows are back and better than ever! As noted in Forbes, these tradeshows are crucial for driving three areas of sales: keeping existing customers, convincing competitors’ customers to switch over, and attracting brand-new customers.2 Before heading out to your next show, work with Priority to be prepared with every item you need to make a great impression. 


Priority can help you stand out from the crowd, both in your tradeshow booth and in the aftermath. Design standout banners, signs, standees, branded tables and chairs, kiosks, and so much more, as well as materials like promotional products, brochures, and more. It’s equally important to have a prepared post-show strategy as it is to have a physical booth that makes a splash, and Priority is here to help with every step of the way! 


  • Employee Appreciation and Onboarding 

Want to show your employees how much they matter to you as they return to the office? What better way than with an employee appreciation campaign? Whether you’re onboarding brand-new employees or welcoming back the old crowd, a little goes a long way in reminding employees that they are truly valued in this environment.  


Priority Group offers a number of solutions for creating employee appreciation and onboarding campaigns. According to a study by Coresight Research, 66% of employers who have increased gifting since the pandemic began cited “keeping employees motivated during difficult times” as one of their reasons for the increase in gifting.3 That part of the “corporate gifting” bubble can extend into return-to-office strategies.  


Welcome new employees with an onboarding kit, or gift returning employees with a little something to show your appreciation for their continued hard work. Priority can help you select and design useful branded products, build gift kits, and distribute them to employees with ease. 


  • Online Ordering 

Even with a formal return-to-office plan in place, we’re officially living in a hybrid reality – and that’s going to affect every part of business going forward. It’s crucial for businesses to have plans in place to fully support remote and hybrid teams, valuing their work and making them feel like a real part of the overall team.  


Online ordering is one way that the Priority Group can help support your online team, from your employees to your clients. Our digital storefront solutions provide an easy way for clients to set up and customize the ordering process. Clients can order branded products and print-on-demand items, customize social campaigns, order personalized kits, and much more. Staying ahead of the curve with digital and hybrid solutions is key to succeeding in this new world, and Priority Group has all the expertise you need to find the solution that’s right for your team.  



Getting back to the office definitely won’t look quite like it did before, and it’s the little details that can help your employees feel more comfortable as they return. Whatever you need, Priority Group is here to help you grow your brand and build an environment that everyone loves! 

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