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Six Different Printing Processes to Support You at Diversity Press

At Diversity Press, we have six different printing processes to support you: UV offset, digital, wide format, engraving, and thermographic. We can die-cut, foil stamp and emboss in-house and offer comprehensive finishing and mailing solutions.

Diversity Press is a one-stop solution for all types of printing projects. Products we produce include:

Priority Press has added UV printing to our services, opening a
whole new world of options for you. In conventional offset printing, we use solvent-based inks. They dry through evaporation, which can take up to 24 hours depending on the combination of ink and paper.

UV printing is a different process. UV inks are formulated to dry—a process called “curing”—when they are exposed to an ultraviolet light inside the press.

This process offers several benefits over traditional inks:

  • Press sheets DRY INSTANTLY, speeding up manufacturing timelines
  • Because press sheets dry instantly, ink-dryback is eliminated.
  • Colors often appear brighter. If you want to print on uncoated paper, you will love the vibrancy-enhancing effect you get from UV printing
  • Since UV ink bonds at a molecular level with paper, UV printing is durable and scuff-resistant
  • UV inks and instant drying also expand your substrate possibilities to include plastics and foil-lined boards

With UV, you also have new options for special effects including:

  • High-gloss coating to add shine and protection to covers and packaging
  • High impact strike-through effects combining dull varnishes with spot gloss UV
  • Reticulated varnished to add texture and interest to a piece
  • New options for soft-touch effects

See what UV can do for you.

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Diversity Press has large and small offset presses to fit your needs, including multiple 28” x 40” offset presses. We are G7 Certified and can print up to 6-colors in one pass.

Diversity Press has the expertise you need to print vibrant 4-color digital printing and all your variable data printing needs. We also offer online ordering and digital print-on-demand solutions for ordering business cards, short-run brochures, mailers, and much more.

Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

From start to finish, you can count on us.

Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

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