How Black Men in White Coats Inspire the Future Generation of Black Healthcare Providers

Black Men in White Coats seeks to increase the number of Black males in the medical profession by bringing awareness to the reality that Black men make up less than 5% of all physicians, a statistic they’re hoping to change.

Last year, Black Men in White Coats partnered with Central Indiana’s Community Health Network to host Indiana’s inaugural Black Men in White Coats Youth Summit. Diversity Press was honored to partner with Community Health Network to provide visuals for the event and to be alongside such champions for change.

Hundreds of Indiana students and families gathered at a local high school for a day of mentorship, hands-on learning simulations, breakout sessions and more, all with medical professionals who looked just like them.

Providing young students—especially Black students—the opportunity to observe, network and learn from Black physicians allows them to see what’s possible for their futures showing them what people similar to themselves are capable of achieving.

Representation in the medical field is crucial to achieving more equitable outcomes for Black and minority Americans. Black men have the lowest life expectancy of any demographic group, living on average 4.5 fewer years than white men. Unique partnerships between mission-driven organizations like Black Men in White Coats and Community Health Network are essential to driving awareness and encouraging young Black men to pursue careers in medicine.

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