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Diversity Press is a Black-Owned, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified commercial printer.

A proud member of the Priority Group, Diversity is led by our majority shareholder, Darrell Johnson. Our comprehensive service listing includes:

We are G7 Certified and FSC Certified.

With a wide range of services and a single point of contact, you benefit from three key value chain benefits: higher quality, faster turn-around, and lower costs – and get all the benefits of choosing a diverse partner, too.

Promoting Diversity and Supporting Economic Growth in Your Community

Why Partnering with a Black-Owned Printing Company is a Smart Move

Banner Stands For Your Business

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7 Things We're Talking About

7 Things We’re Talking About

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Typesetting Trends

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Short Handed: How to Get More Done with Fewer People

Short Handed: How to Get More Done with Fewer People

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Tradeshow Booth Refresh

Tradeshow Booth Refresh

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Q&A with Grace Samson-Song

Grace Samson-Song is a certified executive coach, facilitator, and trainer. She is the founder of The Maximize Group. She has worked for over a decade
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Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

From start to finish, you can count on us.

Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

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We respond within 1 business day.

We answer all email and requests as they come in. If you have an urgent matter or would like to place an order please complete the follor form or feel free to give us a call.

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