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Diversity Press is a Black-Owned, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified commercial printer.

A proud member of the Priority Group, Diversity is led by our majority shareholder, Darrell Johnson. Our comprehensive service listing includes:

We are G7 Certified and FSC Certified.

With a wide range of services and a single point of contact, you benefit from three key value chain benefits: higher quality, faster turn-around, and lower costs – and get all the benefits of choosing a diverse partner, too.

Promoting Diversity and Supporting Economic Growth in Your Community

Why Partnering with a Black-Owned Printing Company is a Smart Move

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Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

From start to finish, you can count on us.

Diversity Press is a black-owned, MBE Certified printing company

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We answer all email and requests as they come in. If you have an urgent matter or would like to place an order please click the link below to give us a call.

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