Diversity Press is More than Just a Printer

We Provide Your Business with Omni-Channel Marketing Solutions

You can find a printer about anywhere. But in today’s business climate you need more than a printer. That’s where Diversity Press comes in. We provide our clients with omni-channel marketing solutions that provide a way for you to take a multi-channel communication approach with your customers. You may be asking, What is omni-channel communication? That’s a great questions. While omni-channel experiences use multiple channels, not all multi-channel experiences are omni-channel. Even if you utilize amazing direct mail campaigns, engaging social media campaigns, and a well-designed website, if they don’t work together, it’s not omni-channel.

The multi-channel experience is what many businesses invest in today. Companies have a website, blog, Facebook, and brochures. Each of these platforms is used to engage and connect with customers. However, in most cases, the customer still lacks a seamless experience and consistent messaging across each channel. At Diversity Press, we are able to combine print, mail, web, text, QR, email, and video tactics into integrated campaigns that deliver your message to your clients.

An omni-channel approach allows you to deliver an integrated message to your customer. Companies using this technique align their messaging, goals, objectives, and design across each channel and device.

Omni-Channel Tactics that Provide Integrated Brand Communications

Direct Mail

Consumer’s are inundated with countless marketing messages today. The question for marketers is how to get their message to their target audience. The answer lies in targeting and segmenting.

Direct mail marketing is a proven strategy for companies who aspire to increase awareness of the product and services they are offering. Whether your goal is to identify new prospects, increase sales, up-sell new or additional services to existing customers, cross-sell, or increase customer loyalty, direct mail marketing can provide an efficient and effective vehicle to reach your target audience. More importantly, it generates specific outcome data that allows you to track and analyze your direct mail campaigns’ results and make continuous improvements.

QR Codes

QR codes leverage the increasing pervasive use of smartphones. A Quick Response, QR, code is a technology used to take the user from an off-line environment to an online world. The QR code could be used to open a URL, play a video, go to a social media site, display text to the user, compose and email or text message, or even to add a vCard contact to the user’s device.

QR codes are used in many cross media campaigns including direct mail, magazines, signage, buses, business cards, or on just about any object about which users might need information or where the marketer is hoping for an immediate response from the recipient. QR codes are of particular interest to marketers, giving them the ability to measure response rates with a high degree of precision thus allowing for easier MROI (marketing return on investment) calculation, helping justify spending on marketing budgets.


Personalized URLs a.k.a. personal uniform resource locator, personalized web addresses, or personalized web pages are web pages that are designed and personalized specifically for each person in the target audience.

Utilizing a database structure on known elements about the target, PURLs provide the ability to tailor messages that are relevant to the target and create a greater emotional response. Through the use of a PURL marketers can gather additional information on the target to increase the relevance of the message, offer and campaign and further strengthen the customer relationship. Marketers find that PURLs provide a unique opportunity to gather information from the target that they otherwise would not be able to gather and to do so at defined points in the sales cycle.

PURLs are most typically deployed by direct mail to the target audience, although they can also be deployed through email or mobile campaigns as well. Often times, PURLs are used as one component of a multi-touch, cross media campaign incorporating direct mail, email and even social media.

Email Marketing

How much spam do you receive in a day? The short answer is, the small percentage that isn’t caught by your spam filter is still way too much.

Here’s the point: email marketing is a very effective and powerful tool which all marketers should deploy. However, if partnering with the wrong group email marketing can prove to be not only ineffective, but in some cases destructive.

Don’t listen to “printers” who think email marketing is “easy”. It isn’t easy, it isn’t mindless and it requires marketing communications companies with marketing experience to help you navigate the waters and make good choices. That is Diversity Press and that is why we are different than other “printing” companies. We are marketers, we understand the value of your brand and we know how to effectively incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Smart Phone usage continues to gain adoption and marketshare in the consumer marketplace. As it grows, the importance of mobile marketing grows right along with it.

In addition to marketing tools such as QR codes that leverage smart phones, many marketers are also deploying text messaging in their cross media campaigns. Text messaging capabilities are basic on all cell phones today, not just smart phones. Text messages are essentially mobile emails with little to no filters. However, because text messages are not filtered and because cell phone numbers are considered highly privileged information, marketers must be sensitive in how to utilize text messaging and allowing the recipient to customize what information they receive and when.

Ultimately, the individual consumer demands they receive communication the way they want to receive it, not the way a company wants to deliver it. With Diversity Press, marketers can utilize our software solutions to integrate mobile marketing into their campaigns as needed. Just another reason you want an integrated business communications provider to help you with your campaigns, not just a “printer”.

To learn how to utilize omni-channel marketing within your organization, contact us or call 888.955.PRINT.