Fulfillment Services

Diversity Press Fulfillment Services provide our customers maximum cost savings, total flexibility and complete control capabilities.

Maximum cost savings are achieved because higher print quantities are initially ordered therefore minimizing your overall unit cost and potentially saving a substantial sum of money. We initially send what you need, then store the remainder for future use. While this opportunity does not make sense in all cases, it is optimal for those projects that do not change over time and are consumed on a periodic basis. Examples may include business forms, corporate documents, corporate letterhead, envelopes, brochures, presentation folders or other marketing collateral.

Flexibility is achieved by the ability to order stored items at your convenience and have them delivered quickly. Within 24 hours or less of a reorder, items will ship from our warehouse to the desired delivery location(s). Obviously, there is no lead time, no prepress time and no production time as in a typical project.

Flexibility is also achieved by the ability to kit and assemble the project elements based on the most current customized need and on a just-in-time basis.

Management control is provided by accurate inventory tracking. Diversity Press can provide inventory reports mailed in printed form or online for review. Priority customers can reorder when inventory is low or at any other time desired. And for those times when the inventory report may be overlooked, Diversity Press alerts our customers when stored inventory is running low and it is time to resupply.

Diversity Press stores all our customers’ products in our secure, climate controlled warehouse.