Big Data Solutions from Diversity Press

So many times today the term ‘Big Data’ is thrown about without a full understanding of what ‘Big Data’ truly is. Successful marketing doesn’t depend on the amount of data you have, it depends on how effective you are at using the data you have. That’s why smart marketers knows the foundation for any successful marketing strategy is good, solid data. Refining data through segmentation delivers relevant communications and targeted messaging.

Smart marketing begins with smart data.

Diversity Press has the experience and expertise to deliver tailored data solutions that fit your database marketing needs. We help position you to achieve higher ROI on your marketing investment.

Prioritize Customer Insights

Prioritize reports contains details surrounding the common characteristics of your current customers. Demographic, geographic and psychographic information is appended and analyzed to provide the insights that you need. This information is then

Know Your Target

Whether it’s helping you grow your direct marketing list or building a list from scratch, Diversity Press helps you find and target the right audience for your database marketing campaigns.

Know What to Do

Our team of experts will help you analyze your current customer and prospect lists and use that information to market more effectively to your database, yielding better response rates and a higher ROI. We offer data solutions for:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Consumer mailing lists
  • Business mailing lists
  • Target demographics – age, income, lifestyle, interests, etc.
  • Geographic targeting

Campaign Tracking & Direct Mail Analytics

The right data is the most important ingredient for a successful direct marketing campaign. Diversity Press employs key technology to gather the right information for you. The result – clean data and a campaign that’s more efficient and effective. Our team will help you:

  • Uncover customer profiles and models
  • Pinpoint look-a-like prospects
  • Find high opportunity areas
  • Understand and analyze your competition
  • Find meaning in a sea of data variables
  • Better qualify prospects
  • Increase response and ROI

Know What Works

There are a few questions that every good marketer asks in response to each campaign. What was the response rate? What was the return on investment? What was the cost per conversion? And most importantly, do we consider this a success? To help answer these questions, our database marketing services include:

  • Response analysis – determine most productive campaigns
  • Statistical modeling – suggest the best combination of drops and targets
  • Demographic and lifestyle profiling – understand your best customers and prospects
  • Data mining – uncover trends, clusters and anomalies
  • ROI analysis – demonstrate how to get the best customers for the least expense

Diversity Press will give you the insight to see exactly which campaigns achieve results and which can be improved. Better understanding leads to better success. With Diversity Press, you can leave your marketing to us as our professional marketing services.

Our data-driven decision making can help you find and acquire new customers faster, broaden your relationships with existing accounts and more effectively utilize your database marketing dollars. So if you are looking for ‘Big Data’ solutions, look no further than the experts at Diversity Press. To learn more, please contact us or call (800) 738-9704.